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Science 358 1175-1179 j jirawat tangpanitanon, v m bastidas, sarah al- assam, pedram roushan, dieter jaksch, dg angelakis (2016) topological pumping of photons in nonlinear resonator arrays phys rev lett 117 213603 gang sun, j jirawat tangpanitanon, huaze shen, bo wen, jianming xue, enge wang,. Supervisors: professors dieter jaksch and vlatko vedral thesis title: non- equilibrium strongly-correlated systems for my research output see tomijohnson couk activities and societies: worcester college, atomic and laser physics subdepartment, clarendon laboratory, dieter jaksch theory group, worcester college. Creation of effective magnetic fields in optical lattices: the hofstadter butterfly for cold neutral atoms d jaksch, p zoller new journal of physics 5 (1), 56, 2003 665, 2003 numerical solution of the gross–pitaevskii equation for bose–einstein condensation w bao, d jaksch, pa markowich journal of computational physics. S r clark1,3, c moura alves1,2 and d jaksch1 published 18 may 2005 • iop publishing gottesman d 1997 phd thesis (pasadena: caltech) [9] steane a m 1996 phys rev lett parameter estimation with cluster states matthias rosenkranz and dieter jaksch 2009 physical review a 79 022103. Candidates must hold or be near completion of a phd, or equivalent, in a relevant branch of theoretical/experimental physics dissertation projects at qglab ferreras • andreas finke • juan garrahan • ed hinds • ted jacobson • piyush jain • dieter jaksch • claus kiefer • peter kruger • tim langen • emanuele levi.

Editorial commentary thesis research highlights news and views letters articles futures bose–einstein condensates: a peek and a poke - pp 906 - 908 dieter jaksch doi :101038/nphys1143 an adapted scanning electron microscope allows the non-destructive measurement and manipulation of bose– einstein. After receiving my physics diploma degree in 1966, i continued to study laser saturation phenomena in my thesis research superfluid atomic state to a particle-like mott insulator crystal, by simply adjusting the height of the lattice potential wells, as theoretically predicted in 1998 by dieter jaksch and peter zoller. The present thesis is the collection of the studies conducted under the guidance of my phd advisor prof weizhu dieter jaksch, mr matthias rosenkranz and dr yanzhi zhang for their substantial help and contribution finally, i would like to dedicate this thesis to my family, for the support and encouragement they have.

Lattices: bunching-antibunching transition and quantum simulation · beyond mean-field bistability in driven-dissipative lattices: bunching-antibunching transition and quantum simulation j j mendoza-arenas, s r clark, s felicetti, g romero, e solano, d g angelakis, and d jaksch, phys rev a 93, 023821 ( 2016. The main goal of this part of the thesis consists in the discussion of the possible use of such photon pairs in nonlinear spectroscopy, and to propose suitable dieter jaksch we theoretically show that terahertz pulses with controlled amplitude and frequency can be used to switch between stable transport modes in layered. Education: university of geneva 1982, diploma in physics university of geneva 1987, graduated with phd in physics, thesis advisor: professor øystein fischer thesis title: croissance et propriétés supraconductrices de superréseaux métalliques périodiques et quasipériodiques professional experience: 1982 - 1987.

Phd thesis nonlinear optics at the single-photon level supervised by aephraim m steinberg, [university of toronto library] preprints coherent conversion between optical and microwave photons in rydberg gases martin kiffner, amir feizpour, krzysztof t kaczmarek, dieter jaksch, and joshua nunn, [arxiv] theory of. In this thesis i report on experiments that enter a new regime in the many body physics of ultracold atomic gases a bose-einstein bose-hubbard model was first realized by dieter jaksch and coworkers [5] in the group of peter zoller in contrast to all present publications of the phd work • collapse and revival of the. His ms and phd from the air force institute of technology in 1989 and 1996 he has specialized in the with a phd thesis on the modelling of unsteady, turbulent aerodynamic flows he was appointed of professor dieter jaksch in oxford since january 2016 before that, he worked in germany in the.

  • Manipulation and simulation of cold atoms in optical lattices dissertation zur erlangung des akademischen grades doktor der naturwissenschaften an der fakultät oxford with me), dieter jaksch (who told me that if i worked 60 hours a week i would be finished three years whilst studying for a phd that i have.
  • 2017年12月1日 phd at the university of freiburg in germany and the university of california at irvine under the supervision of prof andreas buchleitner and prof shaul mukamel in my dissertation, i worked on the use of entangled photons in nonlinear spectroscopy since 2015, i joined the group of prof dieter jaksch.
  • Ben green benjamin brecht diana prado lopes aude craik dieter jaksch dominic o'brien evert geurtsen ezra kassa hannah rowlands ian walmsley iris choi jelmer renema top phd student joelle boutari checking the fibre- couplings in the oxford photonics lab / david fisher / nqit bottom non-linear.
  • The mainz award is granted each year for two outstanding phd theses within mainz the mainz visiting professorship was introduced in 2013 to allow internationally renowned researchers to perform part of their research at mainz and to interact with the phd students of the graduate school dr dieter jaksch, prof.

Phd thesis in cea cadarache - irfm / aix-marseille university, france: in quantum materials control (qmac) réunit andrea cavalleri (institut max planck, hamburg), antoine georges (cpht-ecole polytechnique et collège de france) dieter jaksch (université d'oxford) et jean-marc triscone (université de genève. 16/5/12, dieter jaksch university of oxford, strongly driven coherent quantum systems 25/4/12, patrik öhberg heriot-watt university, artificial electromagnetism 4/4/12, mete atatüre university of cambridge, spins and photons of quantum dots 28/3/12, matt jones durham university, spatial correlations in cold rydberg.

Dieter jaksch phd thesis
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dieter jaksch phd thesis Atomic and molecular physics at durham university, uk. dieter jaksch phd thesis Atomic and molecular physics at durham university, uk. dieter jaksch phd thesis Atomic and molecular physics at durham university, uk. dieter jaksch phd thesis Atomic and molecular physics at durham university, uk. dieter jaksch phd thesis Atomic and molecular physics at durham university, uk.